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This task required us all to think of the many different types of surveillance that we have in our lives. Assessing the different types of surveillance methods is what influenced us to develop these stories. We are all constantly being recorded by many different cameras everyday. It came to our attention that their could be many incidents and happenings recorded through these devices. Which is what led us to establishing storyline were based on a problem occurring in through the vision of a camera.



Daniel is a 40-year-old man, divorced. He is a CCTV camera operators. Daniel’s life became messy after the divorce. One day, Daniel was drinking and watching the CCTV, he saw an incident through the CCTV. Another man murdered a young child, but he did not see it because he was drinking. Three months later, Daniel received an email saying that his daughter was abducted. If Daniel wants to save her daughter, he will pass his test.

After a series of tests, Daniel came to the place where his daughter was trapped. (Here it is emphasized that various CCTV is watching Daniel) A man says his son was killed because Daniel was drinking. He wants revenge. Daniel was forced to kill Mark to save his daughter. But Daniel’s behavior has been recorded by CCTV, which was sent to different cities on a big screen for everyone to view.



Jackson was a new journalist who worked as a handyman in a television station. One day he got the opportunity to go to a location interview. Jackson interviewed one family, the daughter who had been kidnapped. Jackson said in an interview that the victim’s parents had killed their daughter and refused to admit it. Three days later, the child’s body was found. People are gradually forgetting this thing.

Ten years later, Jackson became a host. One day when Jackson, in the process of reporting the news, all of the screens turned black, then presented a compilation of Jackson bullying students. It says, “You will die for the sins you have committed.”

Jackson’s news became the news headlines for the next day. All things that happened before Jackson was exposed. Jackson was forced to collapse by public opinion, and he began to look for who would be responsible for such things. Jackson finally found that the original perpetrator is the victim’s father. After the incident, the wife could not stand the pressure of public opinion and the child decided to take their own life.



Jack is a single father. He has a 10-year-old daughter named Susan. One day, the two of them went out shopping, and Susan had become lost. However, Susan has been kidnapped by a child trafficking ring, but jack is uncertain about all of this. He could only look around for his daughter, and finally, he chose to call the police for help. The police searched the nearby CCTV and found a picture of Susan being pulled into the car by a strange man. However, the cameras were not filmed after they drove into the lane. It was clear that this strange man was familiar with the area and carried away the child through the blind area of the surveillance. Suddenly, the police found that there is a taxi following behind their own car, they quickly found the driver, and took his car DVR, hoping that it can find more clues. Eventually, police found the location through multiple CCTV. They found it was a criminal gang and eventually rescued more kidnapped children.



Daniel is a university student who takes a disgusting pleasure in filming other students without their permission. He drinks whilst watching the footage he has captured because he sees it as a recreational activity. Daniel laughs at a video he took of a girl getting bullied and after that things start to get strange. People begin to whisper and Daniel finds himself being watched, kept under surveillance and now his OWN privacy is being intruded upon. Daniel leaves the lab he is sitting in to get a drink, when he gets back there is a message on the white-board. It asks why he didn’t help the girl? and goes on to say someone is watching him. The lights go out and Daniel is in a helpless position in the corner, the story finishes with Daniel looking scarred for life.


Finally we chose the fourth idea. The reason is that the first story can not be completed within 7 minutes. The second story character ages across big (10years). The third story needs too many characters, as it needs a 10-year-old girl and a police uniform, so we just have to give up on the idea. The end of the last idea is the best of four ideas.


Firstly, each of us in the group provided an idea about the video, which is closely related to surveillance. And then choose the best one which is better to complete the video. After choosing a good story, we divided our work together. The video established the story between the four of us, and Aaron, Sherry and I are all photographer and actors, and Harley fix in post-production. We selected the shooting site in a computer room, and ensured that there was a CCTV around it. In the video, Aaron plays Daniel, and Sherry and I as passerby.

Surveillance affects us in many ways, so our video is a story about a student who likes to film other students without their permission which leads to an unfortunate series of events. In our society, we often get caught unconscious by strangers, we do not know where these pictures or video will be sent to and what they will be used for, but actually, our privacy has been violated. Shooting this video is to show that we are constantly monitored, but sometimes surveillance is beneficial. For example, in this video, Daniel laughs at a video he took of a girl getting bullied. This scenario is to explain that at sometime, monitoring can be a tool to help people who are in need. Just like this girl, she was bullied, but if someone saw this scene, they can help her. By shooting this video, we want to let people know, filming other people without permission is not a form of entertainment. Legitimate use of surveillance is the right thing to do.


Co-authored by Aaron Marshall, Dandan Chen, Shiqi Zhang & Harley Goodwin.




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