ALC205 Group 30: WHO IS WATCHING YOU? Group Number: 30 Team Member Names:   AARON MARSHALL   DANDAN CHEN   HARLEY GOODWIN   SHIQI ZHANG This task required us all to think of the many different types of surveillance that we have in our lives. Assessing the different types of surveillance methods is what influenced us to develop these stories. We … Continue reading ALC205 Group 30: WHO IS WATCHING YOU?


ALIENS? BIG-FOOT? No. The Government!

First things first, I'm a pretty big conspiracy theorist. Not so much the idea of wearing a sandwich board and screaming about the end of the world, but more about the belief in things that others refuse to see. So when it comes to big-foot, aliens or any 9/11 theories, I don't really get scared. … Continue reading ALIENS? BIG-FOOT? No. The Government!