I’m not sure how to write a blog or write about daily occurrences but lately I’ve felt a strong urge to do so, so here we go.

A lot has been happening lately and I have started to finally see an ideal direction for my future. This direction has been very clear through the first two weeks of my studies and my own growth as an aspiring ‘artist’.  I put artist in air quotes because I’ve honestly never seen myself as an artist, more so someone who just dips his hand in a few different hats, classes I have taken have helped me to identify myself as a hopeful artist and someone who wants to succeed with their passion.


Talking about online identities in class has inspired me to look at myself from a different perspective, from the perspective of someone viewing my social media accounts and seeing what they’d see. It helped me realise that I use social media mainly for self promotion and as a tool to further myself and potentially share my music or words with the world.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure where this was going to go but I feel like this should be where it stops.

Till next time, maybe.


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