Home: A short story I wrote for a shitty class



“Adam?! Adam?!” A familiar yet so distant voice screamed.


“Where are we?” It asked frantically.


I opened my eyes and I was immediately blinded by a light that shined so bright. It was almost like being born again. The first thing I thought of was her.


“Blaire are you okay?” I asked, searching my surroundings as if I was playing a game of eye spy with the world.


I couldn’t see a thing. The white shining light was all around me in every direction I looked and it was beginning to fade into a heavy fog, a dull blanket of grey.


“Blaire, answer me!”


Where is she?


I can’t remember much from before opening my eyes but I remember numbers. Counting down. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six… and then looking at Blaire next to me in a pod and seeing the look of terror in her eyes on her sickly pale face that was usually full of hope and bravery. We were in these pods because we were going on an adventure, no wait, a test.

I remembered why we were here but I wasn’t sure where here was.

Blaire and I attended an academy for Testronauts, basically ourselves and twelve other eighteen-year-old boys and girls were astronauts in training. I don’t know how we got there, I just remember knowing that training was my life. I would wake up and be thrown into the gravity zone, eat our tasteless paste, thrown back into the gravity zone now with combat training and then eat some more of that bland paste.


“Adam?!” Blaire cried.


Oh god, I got caught up in all this that I forgot about Blaire!
“Blaire keep talking, I’m coming to you!”


The fog became thicker and the air was as suffocating as being stuck in one of our pods, which were basically coffins. I screamed and screamed but no matter how much I followed her pleas it always seemed like I was going in the wrong direction.

Suddenly, I had an idea.

The pod I came in, it had a bag underneath the seat! I ran to the pod and dug through the bottom of it. I found the bag and hoped I could find anything, anything at all to help me get to Blaire.

A pair of rusty old pliers, a water bottle, some duct tape. None of this will help me, unless I can go MacGyver and make something useful out of this useless crap. I kept digging until I found a torch. Maybe if I couldn’t find her, I could help Blaire find me.

I began turning the light switch on and off furiously whilst yelling her name.


“Blaire, look for the light! It’s me, I’m here.”
No one responded.
It was getting cold and it almost felt like it had begun to rain, but I was determined to find her. I began running around, I searched her pod for anything that could help but her pack was identical to mine. I decided against using her flashlight just in case mine went dead and I had no idea how long I would be here or how dark it could get. It had been forever since I heard her voice. There was no measurement of time here, no time at all. The fog was now a deathly grey; the kind you would see in old graveyards in horror films. The wind was cold and I could not feel a thing anymore. My toes and fingers were all balled up and it felt like they were frozen that way. I needed warmth, I needed something.

I ran to my pod and attempted any way to get warm, I put any piece of clothing I could find on and shut the lid completely. At this point I had forgotten about Blaire and began to wonder if I could make it through the night.

More time passed and I could feel myself doze in an out of a luckless sleep, I wanted to toss and turn but any move I made broke the warmth I created for myself. Suddenly, my broken sleep was disrupted by a familiar sound. I could hear breathing, but not natural breathing, it sounded like it was coming from a machine. It was growing louder and my heart began to beat faster than I could remember. The pod began to stir, something was moving it. I could see the glass from the lid begin to shake and a strong fist pounding tiredly, but hard enough to make an impression. At last the hand rested on the lid, palm down and I could see it was human. I studied it for a second and recognised a ring on it’s finger. It was Blaire.
She once told me about this ring and how she had no idea where it came from but how she grew attached to it and how it comforted her. It wasn’t anything special, it was a rusted gold with vertical lines all around it in an unimaginative pattern. But for Blaire, it was something remarkable.

I opened the lid and she fell right into me, forcing me back down into to the pod. It made a tremendous thud. I could feel her breathing in and out and her stomach expanding. I could feel her body against my body sharing its warmth. Neither of us spoke. We laid for sometime and I had an overgrowing sense of familiarity. I stared at her long red hair, her pale skin and freckled nose. After she woke, I saw her baby blue eyes that were so tired.

After she woke up we discussed what we could remember from before this place, there were a lot of blanks but there was one thing that was clear. Something had gone wrong.

Blaire told me that the two most advanced Testronauts from both the girls and boys group were being sent on a special mission as one last test. They were to be sent into a space simulator to see if they could handle being sent through orbit and to the galaxy above. As Blaire and I were the most advanced, we were trained specifically to deal with any challenge that came our way for this simulator, we were combat ready and taught to survive. However, something went wrong. She explained to me that just as the pods were being launched, there was a commotion from the control room and just as the countdown reached six, there was a flash of light throughout the entire launching area that was accompanied with a deafening white noise.
“I looked at you and it was almost like you weren’t there Adam. Your hair had fallen in front of your face and it was like you aged a lifetime because your blonde curls turned white. I could see your eyes weren’t green. For a minute they were grey.” Blaire explained.


I couldn’t remember much of this, if anything. I was still holding her and I was scared to let go, I felt like she knew more about me than I knew. I was terrified.


As we stepped out of the pod, our surroundings were different. The fog was gone, the white light was dead and the black skies were nowhere to be seen. Instead we were surrounded by a beautiful forest where straight through the isle of trees I could see a cliff that looked as if it hung over an entire continent. I wasn’t sure what I was but I know I needed to be there.

I began to run, feeling my feet hit the ground heavier with each step. I could hear Blaire running with me and I didn’t stop till I reached the cliff. Once I reached it, I never wanted to leave it.

I had been staring for what could’ve been hours, both Blaire and I were astonished. The sun had looked like it was constantly setting and it filled the sky with these warm summer colours. Straight in front of us were three planets. The furthest was filled with a red colour almost identical to Blaire’s hair, the second one was a smooth brown that I recognized from the walls of the academy and the last was filled with a colour that I recognized more than anything. It was a green that I had seen many times before, the green from my eyes. The kind of green you would see on a fresh summer morning, the grass covered in dew and the sun shining on it, giving that glow. I looked into this planet and I felt it stare right back into me. I recognized it and I know it knew me too. I’m not sure of where I came from and I’m not sure of where I am now but just as Blaire squeezed my hand and I felt the planet rush through me, I knew this is where I needed to be.


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