This is positive

I’m trying to find tranquility within But it’s my own identity I’m struggling with The idea of being some kind of entity is so much Harder when living with the enemy in my head. All the idea’s I have around pride are Circling around, leaving me wide-eyed and I’m trying to not push it aside … Continue reading This is positive



i’ve been away for some time Running, Amongst all the fire and smoke Trying to find my way home And I’ve been seething over my heart for far too long It’s been used as something wrong, it’s needed to heal Something I should’ve learnt well before it became too real We’re getting there I’m getting … Continue reading 20-10


I'm not sure how to write a blog or write about daily occurrences but lately I've felt a strong urge to do so, so here we go. A lot has been happening lately and I have started to finally see an ideal direction for my future. This direction has been very clear through the first two … Continue reading Blog?


Love controls earth and desire It moves waves and breathes fire It hands a voice to those left with words unspoken And evidently leaves some of those undoubtedly broken Love inspires other emotions Happiness, sadness, wanderlust and depression All things that you can learn to love, I’m guessing. Basically it’s the core of everything Including … Continue reading Elements